Internationalization at ITESO

Internationalization at ITESO

Study at ITESO

ITESO is happy to welcome those who wish to live an academic and cultural experience in our campus located in the city of Guadalajara.
We offer high-quality academic programs in an environment of freedom, respect and friendliness, with access to an extensive library, scientific and technological laboratories, sports facilities, cultural workshops and more.

For more information please contact our Coordinator of Student Mobility: Paty Camarena <>.

International Summer Program

International Summer Program 2022

The International Summer Program is an opportunity for students to live internationalization at home by bringing foreign professors to our summer school. Courses are taught jointly by an international professor and an ITESO professor and are credit bearing.

We have online and face to face (F2F) courses. For the F2F courses, ITESO will provide the international flight, hotel accommodation, meals, local transport for visiting faculty and a cultural outing. For the virtual program , there will be a financial compensation.

You can find more information here or contact our Coordinator for Academic Cooperation: Jessica Carmona <>.


Students from the University Of Surrey for a Faculty-led at ITESO

We can support your university in designing and implementing a Faculty-led program for your students and professors at ITESO.

For more information please contact our Coordinator of Campus Internationalization: Della Burke <>.

Courses in English

At ITESO we have a broad offer of Academic Courses in English for our different undergraduate programs. Spanish language is not a requirement to study at ITESO.

For more information please contact our Coordinator of Student Mobility: Paty Camarena <>.

Spanish as a Foreign Language

ITESO offers four-week as well as semester-long Spanish courses for all levels of proficiency as well as content integrated course options with Mexican students available for advanced level students.

You cand find more information here.

COIL Courses

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is an internationalization on campus strategy which encourages the development of intercultural communication skills and learning between students in two or more universities in the world. The collaboration can be in Spanish or English.

Countries with whom we currently have COIL courses at ITESO

For more information please contact our Global Curriculum and Special Projects Manager: María José Castelazo <>.

PAP Offer

Ever since it was founded, ITESO, has included as part of its fundamental orientations a solid social commitment to justice, thus positioning itself as an institution at the service of society in the particular historical context in which it is embedded. Its fundamental intention is to contribute to the construction of a fair, sustainable and equitable society motivated by a sense of solidarity.
Professional Application Projects (PAPs) are an educational venture, integrated into all the undergraduate study plans, where alternative solutions are developed for the most pressing needs and problems of the region, in a process of dialogue and collaboration with different actors from society.